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    Find facts on the best things to do in Ontario. We provide you with the most current information available for the many different types of attractions, so start planning your next vation right here. Check our Search page for a list of attractions that interest you. Or click onto our e-coupons for free coupons to attractions in Ontario. Find out what special events are going on at our Special Events page. ?If you are planning on traveling in Ontario, Attractions Ontario is the place to find all you need on attractions in Ontario. Your all-in-one Ontario Tourism site!


    The Ontario’s Choice Awards are awards chosen by YOU the consumers! With a diverse collection of attractions offering adventure, culture, outdoor beauty and entertainment, these annual awards are voted for online. To vote or see the most current winners, go here.


    march, 2021

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    sat09mar10:00 amwed5:30 pmTOY SOLDIERS AT THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUMEXHIBITION10:00 am - 5:30 pm Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens ParkRegion:Greater Toronto & HamiltonCity:Toronto

    sat25janAll Daywed31mar“A Like Vision”: The Group of Seven at 100Exhibition(All Day) McMichael nadian Art Collection, 10365 Islington Avenue, Kleinburg, ONRegion:Greater Toronto & HamiltonCity:Woodbridge

    sat12sep(sep 12)10:00 ammon06(sep 6)5:30 pmThe Cloth that Changed the World: India’s Painted and Printed Cottons AT THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUMEXHIBITION10:00 am - 5:30 pm (6) Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens ParkRegion:Greater Toronto & HamiltonCity:Toronto

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